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Luke Ebeling

Race Director


Joanne Heimer

Volunteer Coordinator


Jane Kone

Operations Coordinator


Paul Noll

Trail Boss


Maddie Sell

Social Media/Registration Coordinator


Jeff Stover

Creator/Sadist/Original Race Director

"I am not sure if you all know this, but we are all volunteers as well. Not one of us gets paid a dime to put on this event (and in many ways, we lose money each year in gas money, hotel rooms, countless hours spent organizing/trail working etc). We do this because we LOVE this event, we LOVE that you all LOVE it, and we LOVE the trail community!

I COULD NOT do it without these folks:

Joanne Heimer: Volunteer Coordinator. Joanne has been involved in this event from the beginning (even I only have 8 years in). The amount of work and planning that it takes to organize volunteers who are willing to spend hours and hours in the freezing cold is mind numbing … not to mention all of the work it takes to coordinate with sponsors. 

Paul Noll: Trail Coordinator. Paul took this difficult task up last year and ran with it. While I am a bit ashamed to admit this, this is the first time in 8 years that I did not tie one flag, blow one leaf, or move one rock from the course. Not because I didn’t want to, but, because of Paul … I didn’t NEED to.

Jeff Stover: Original RD. While Jeff is not as involved as he once was, he remains a cornerstone of this event and is there to offer support/help any time that we need it. 

Maddie Sell: Social Media Coordinator/Registration Organizer/Candle Maker. Maddie has brought her type-A game to the Frozen Snot and has taken our social media to a whole new level. Her organization, creativity, and enthusiasm has been a huge boon to this year’s event. 

Jane Kone: Kitchen Coordinator/Jill of all Trades (aka) the RD’s mom. Mom busts her tail to feed bellies and make sure that we have food where it needs to be. In addition, she is my right hand woman and has been integral in communicating with the city of Lock Haven and DCNR. For better or worse (better for me, worse for her), if I needed something done and didn’t have the time to do it, she was my first call. Thanks, Madre!"

-Luke Ebeling, Race Director

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