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Paul Noll - Trail Boss

Paul has been involved in The Frozen Snot since 2015 when he first participated in the event. The following year, he began volunteering his time. To say this show couldn't go on without Paul is an understatement. Paul and his crew spend countless hours maintaining the trails and making sure the course is as runnable and safe as possible for all of the racers. That includes shlepping pounds upon pounds of rope up the Snot's unforgiving climbs, cutting down fallen trees, rerouting the course when needed, and even working in the dark of night when necessary. Our favorite thing about Paul, of course, is that not only is he the best trail coordinator ever, but he's also an expert wise-ass.

Paul is an active member of the PA Trail Dogs and, if he is not participating, you can always catch him volunteering his time at some of your (other) favorite trail events in Central PA. Paul also coordinates charity hikes to benefit the Alzheimer's Association. Paul is a die hard Notre Dame fan, and when he isn't on the trails, he enjoys spending time with family.


Thank you, Paul! As a token of our appreciation, we've tied about 50 new knots in the ropes on Mt. Logan Direct. You're welcome!

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