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Race Rules

Please be sure to read these rules in their entirety before registering.

  • Participants are responsible for understanding race rules and expectations before beginning the event. Pre-race announcements with specific details about the course will begin at 7:25a on race day. We will also send a runner's guide via email (and post it on our Facebook page) 7-10 days prior to the event -- please read this, and pay attention to the pre-race announcements on race day. 

  • Participants must be over 16 years old unless an exception is issued by the race team. Exceptions may be granted to those under 16 who -- by their trail/race experience -- show that they are capable of completing this course. Any participant under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (i.e. you must run together). Email if you would like us to consider your child for an exception.

  • All participants are REQUIRED to have available (wearing or in your pack) some sort of traction device, such as Kahtoola Microspikes, Hillsound Trail Crampons, Yaktrax or "screw shoes" (shoes with short sheet metal screws in the sole to provide traction). ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Running or hiking in winter conditions on a challenging course requires preparation and planning for your clothing and gear. Trekking poles, no cotton clothing, and an extra pair of socks in your pack are recommended.

  • The race director reserves the right to not let a person start if he feels that an entrant is not suitably equipped or dressed.

  • The course will be very well flagged. Cutting the course in any way is not allowed. If you find that you've gone off trail, you must re-enter the course where you left in order to continue. 

  • There are cutoffs on the course. These are not negotiable. Aid station captains and trail marshals also have the authority to pull you from the event if they believe you are physically incapable of continuing. Their decisions are final. 

  • If you are miss a cutoff or are unable to complete the course, you must notify an aid station captain and surrender your race bib. There are no exceptions to this rule. Due to the nature of this event, it is imperative that the race team is able to account for each participant. If you leave the event without notifying race personnel, or refuse to surrender your bib, you will be banned from future events.

  • Runners who choose to change distances during the event must notify the race timer of the change as soon as they cross the finish line.

  • Sweepers are not racers’ personal trash-picker-uppers. If you eat/drink along the course, please pack it away in your pocket/bag or carry it to the next aid station and dispose of it. Any participant caught littering on the course will be disqualified.

  • There are no bib transfers, deferrals, or bandits for this event. No exceptions.

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