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Combine 8.3-13.5 miles of the toughest terrain in central Pennsylvania with the worst of winter weather.  What do you get?  The Frozen Snot!  It is one tough booger.  In 2014, we added 600+ of elevation gain for a total climb of over 3,200 feet for the 8.3 miler and 5,800 feet for the 13.5 miler.  Most people report that is the most difficult trail race they have ever done.  Mile for mile it ranks with the most challenging in the nation.

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This IS NOT a beginner friendly event. The course is very technical, has A LOT of elevation gain and loss over very few miles. There are boulder fields, steep descents, and could have any combination of snow/ice/mud (depending on the weather).  All participants are REQUIRED to have available (wearing or in your pack) some sort of traction device, such as Kahtoola Microspikes, Hillsound Trail Crampons, Yaktrax or "screw shoes" (shoes with short sheet metal screws in the sole to provide traction.)  Also, if you generally don't use trekking poles, you may want to reconsider for The Frozen Snot.  And remember - two poles are more than twice as effective as one.  If the East Kammerdiner Run is not frozen you should have dry socks in your pack.  Wet feet and cold temperatures can lead to frostbite. Running or hiking in winter conditions on a challenging course requires preparation and planning for your clothing and gear.  You are responsible for making good choices for yourself.  We strongly recommend NO COTTON clothing whatsoever.  Once wet with sweat, rain, snow or ice you can get hypothermic very quickly.  In mild weather you can easily get away with poor or uninformed choices; winter is a different ball game.  The race director reserves the right to not let a person start if he feels that an entrant is not suitably equipped or dressed.

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Course Map

Click here for the course map. We all know you just wanna know how to get to the Bacon Station.


Course Statistics

Vital course stats, such as length, elevation gain per mile, and toughest climbs can be found here!

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Rocksylvania Trail Series

The Frozen Snot is excited to be a part of the Rocksylvania Trail Series 10K and half marathon divisions! Click the photo above for more information.

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